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There is a restriction on number of teams registering for the event. A team should have 2-3 members. Registrations are on first come first serve basis. Members of the team need not be from same college. A team can have participants from different colleges as well.

Disclaimer: Registering for the event does not confirm participation. A confirmation mail will be sent for the same.

No Lodging, boarding or travel expenses will be provided by the organizers.
We intend to conduct the competition in three tiers. Details are mentioned in Stage and Scoring sections below.

Date & Venue

The Competition will be held on 12th March 2016 at:

Cluster Innovation Centre
Rugby Sevens Building, University Stadium (North Campus)
G.C. Narang Marg, University of Delhi
Delhi - 110007

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya

Refer Google Maps

Stage 1

Return of the Black Line


Go through the Tunnel then follow the black line and reach the finish line to lift the object.
Tunnel width: 33cm
Black Line width: 2cm

Robot Specifications:

The bot should be autonomous and mobile.
Use of white line sensors, proximity sensors and gripper arm is suggested.

Top 10 teams will move to the next stage.

Stage 2

SaBotage League


Win the football match.
The teams that would progress from Stage 1 would compete in a football match.

Robot Specifications:

The bot should be manually controlled and mobile.

Top 5 teams will move to the next stage.

Stage 3

The Final Enigma


A surprise element would be introduced.
The participants will be provided with a sensor or an actuator, to be incorporated in their bots.
A task, to be performed, would be given thereafter.

Robot Specifications:

The bot should be autonomous and mobile.
Use of white line sensors and proximity sensors is suggested.
Keep some power, input and output pins empty.

Top 5 teams, after Stage 2, will compete for top 3 prizes.


The cumulative scores of each tasks at each stage will be considered to decide the results.

Stage I

All the teams will be given two chances to complete their task. There would be several checkpoints/milestones. Each checkpoints will carry points weightage. Reaching each checkpoint will yield points.
Top 10 teams in the points tally will move to the next round.

Stage II

A football (soccer) game will be played between the teams. The time duration of the game will be 15 min. The scoring will be based on the goal difference and result.
Top 5 teams after cumulative scores of Stage 1 and Stage 2 will move to the finale.

Stage III

Top 5 teams selected will compete for top 3 spots.
Scoring will be done on correctness and speedy completion of the task.
The team with the highest cumulative score of Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 will be announced as the winner.

Note: The scoring and rules are subject to change.


Participation certificates will be provided to all the contestants.
Merit certificates will be provided to the top 3 teams along with cash prizes.


One team should have atleast 2 participants.

Participant 1

Participant 2

Participant 3

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